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Own a business website? This Black Friday treat drives lead generation traffic

Ahhh, it’s Friday!

Friday is always the best day of the working week - but this one’s really special because it’s Black Friday.

A busy day with benefits

It’s going to be a busy day and no doubt you’ll be inundated by offers giving you 20% off something you didn’t know you wanted and 40% off that thing you’ll never really use.

Hold fire - because if you are responsible for a business website – here’s a great Black Friday offer that will really help.

What’s more, it’s 100% off/ free/ gratis/ complimentary.

Get your website working as a profitable business tool

To ensure you get the very best possible business benefit from your website investment – we can bring you a free digital website review.

It’s all about making sure your website works.

And by works - we mean drives lead generation enquiries.

It’s easy and there’s no commitment

And all you need to do is say… ‘Yes, please go-ahead Method. Have a look and do me one of your free reviews.’

We will then identify any problem areas, tell you how you can fix them - and also show you a few ‘quick win’ actions to help you improve your customer leads.

Sounds good? Great!

To get started, simply book your digital marketing website review here 


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