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Spring clean your mindset and make room for fresh ideas

Mindset is everything. Not only does it help us make decisions, but it determines their outcome; all the way from what you eat for breakfast tomorrow, to the important deal you’re closing.

Making good business decisions is usually a by-product of a healthy mindset. Innovative ideas stem from that initial spark of motivation that keeps a business burning. However, maintaining this mindset isn’t easy.

When we work, our minds go through a lot.

We all need a good spring clean from time to time and not just to tackle the pile of household clutter we’ve put off since Christmas, but our mindset.

That being said - it’s pretty much the same concept.

Mental clutter

Continuing to work without any time to relax simply adds to the pile of mental clutter we have already accumulated. In the end, we all know it leads to the dreaded ‘burnout’.

Mental clutter is a chaotic thought pile-up of ‘tomorrow's problems’, ongoing work stressors, unaddressed anxious thoughts, or issues that haven’t been resolved yet. Or perhaps it’s simply a chaotic build-up from a busy schedule and heavy responsibilities. And if you’re responsible for many different teams, processes, and business functions/operations, this only amplifies the daily added pressure.

With a busy and confusing mind, it can be hard to relax. But sometimes, it’s necessary to take a step back from the pile of mental clutter. Because without switching off, we simply cannot recharge our mindset and make space for new ideas.

And how many of us actually switch off our work phones, turn off notifications, or close our laptops for the duration of our holiday?

Continuing to run a business with an overused mind is like trying to fix a car using broken overused tools – they’ll still do the trick, but it’ll be a botch job.

Avoiding burnout

Our brains are a muscle. When we overuse them, they burn out. Our body needs time to rest and recuperate after a workout – so why don’t we do the same thing with our brains?

Dusting out the cobwebs of our mind avoids burnout. If we don’t take a step back from our mental clutter, we get swept up. Burnout at work leads to decreased concentration and silly mistakes that can have disastrous consequences.

By taking valuable chunks of time off, we mentally recharge. It shifts our perspective so that the pile of problems that once seemed higher and the pile of clutter doesn’t seem that daunting anymore. Looking at unresolved issues more objectively helps to tackle problems with a positive, optimistic mindset. After all, having this positive mindset helps keep your business going.

How to mentally declutter

  • Sleep: Why do you see the cliché phrase ‘get more sleep’ in every self-help book? Because it’s extremely true. Without sleep, we are useless.
  • Change of environment: Take a step back from the workplace, and analyse how much time you take for yourself daily for ‘me time’.
  • Meditation: Doing nothing is relaxing. But thinking of nothing is even more relaxing. Meditation doesn’t mean you have to sit cross-legged in white linen whilst chanting, but you can certainly lie still and think of nothing for a while to help relax your mind.
  • Holiday: What’s the point in working hard if you can’t appreciate the time you have off?

The power of sleep

Sleep is a powerful tool. It’s more powerful than we give it credit for. It’s the most powerful thing you can do for your mind, and therefore, your business. Our brains are batteries, and sleep recharges them. A fully charged brain provides optimal function.

There’s a common misconception that as we get older, we need less sleep.

By that logic - getting enough sleep helps your business to grow. There is a direct correlation between getting a healthy sleep and business growth.

Change of environment

Never feel guilty about taking holiday if you need it.

To quell any guilt or anxiety, automate some friendly ‘I’m on holiday right now’ emails and let your customers or clients know they aren’t going to get a response from you during those dates.

Delegate any essential communication to other team members who continue to work during your holiday.

Advising your clients before your holiday is always smart, too. Being transparent will immediately justify your lack of response and temporary unavailability.


Meditation apps are always a good way to start. Listening to a simple ten-minute podcast before you begin your day can completely reshape your mindset, and clean out the cluttered thoughts that begin as soon as you wake up. Emergency meditation in apps can quickly quell any anxiety that creeps up on you.

Not for spring, but every day

For a business to be successful, holidays are crucial. They give us something to look forward to - living milestones to work towards. But that doesn’t mean you can only confine relaxation to a particular date.

Relaxing is not an annual event.

Finding time to relax on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis helps to avoid burnout and upholds a healthy balance. 

Make it a habit. Decluttering your mind every day allows room for new plans to materialise. Having a period of relaxation relaxes our brain, which allows us to think more creatively and innovatively, which allows our good ideas to flourish, and our goals in clear sight.

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