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Your brand is more than just a logo

Branding encompasses your company ethos, goals and vision so is more than a logo. In this episode James, Jamie and Paul discuss favourite brands and why we've connected with them.

Building a brand that is popular, long-term and most importantly connects a business to their audience is a higher priority than ever before! In this 'Behind the Madness' episode we talk all things brand and why it's so important to realise that it's more than an image, it's forming a connection with your customers and potential customers. How brands have moved with the times and sometimes created a wave of branding changes within an industry.

If you're a business owner, part of a marketing team or an entrepreneur in a startup then this one is to help guide you through the noise and lay the foundations to building a long-term business through the power of brand!!

James, Paul and Jamie share some of their favourite brands - while exploring why, as customers, we connect and love certain brands more than others!

Spend a little time delving into this podcast's subject and don't forget to share the love by tagging your favourite brands!

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