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5 Invaluable benefits of using a CRM

Within the last decade, digital platforms have become far more integral than they used to be (as any marketer or small-medium business owner will be aware). Social media marketing has become far more interlinked with other digital marketing means, and our devices can now communicate with one another more effectively than they could before.

Don’t settle for digital whack-a-mole!

However, with the influx of new communicative technologies emerging constantly, it can feel a little overwhelming for small-medium companies to select platforms that work for them and help them grow, as well as maintaining a good relationship with their customers. There is just so much to choose from. With just a bit of scrolling, you can find one system tracking your customer database; another system tracking SEO; an app that tracks your email marketing; and a tracker which stores conversion information. Oh, and don’t forget, you’d need a system to remember all your accounts for these software systems in the first place, as well as a task tracker so you can keep on top of all these rogue digital systems. 

It can all get a bit confusing and functioning your customer communication systems across multi-platforms can feel like a constant game of digital whack-a-mole. And after the last two years, do we really need any more confusion?

The negative effects of separating CRM systems

Yes, all these tools and platforms are useful for their purpose – but that might just be the problem. You can easily end up trying to navigate your way through a digital metropolis, with ten million tabs open both on your computer screen, and in your brain. What should feel like a simple CRM system could end up being quite messy, causing potential miscommunications amongst customer management teams. And everyone knows miscommunication from the top leads to a negative customer experience. No thanks!

This is all further amplified by the fact that there is an abundance of digital platforms just a few keyboard strokes away. And if your company increases to a multi-department size, you could end up having completely different general customer communication systems across the board. You might have a strong customer service platform, but a weaker communication system for sales or marketing. And perhaps platforms may not even integrate with one another, and you find yourself writing daily sticky notes beginning with ‘remember to tell X about X…’

But what if you just had an all-in-one software solution that could just…do it all for you? 

This is probably the best time to tell you about HubSpot

HubSpot is 100% the best all-in-one solution for your company’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management). HubSpot even compartmentalises the types of CRM systems needed for different departments of a business, so all information is completely integrated across the board, but its functioning is tailored to your department.

Why HubSpot?

HubSpot is designed on the basis that conversions and numbers are the by-products of good company-customer relationships. Growth can only be achieved if there is a good, solid relationship that is built on a foundation of trust, satisfaction, and familiarity. To achieve this, you need an efficient CRM system that works like a well-oiled machine.

It’s all one giant domino effect. You have integral, efficient communication from the source, customer information and communications are clearer. The clearer the customer information, the more effective your content. The more unique your content, the more likely your customers are to have a repetitively positive experience with your business. 

By introducing autonomy and improving the multi-functionality of your CRM through HubSpot, you can gain a deeper insight into your customer’s entire experience throughout the customer cycle.

This means content should be high-quality, designed with the notion that customers are more likely to be loyal to your business if you tailor your content to them as individuals, rather than firing them a load of information about your company, that they just aren’t interested in. You might even say the aim here is to build a relationship that is far more human than it is AI.

That all sounds great, doesn’t it - but how can it influence growth?

  1. HubSpot cleverly groups information to help individualise your customers
    Imagine if every single scrap of information you had about your customer’s experience was amalgamated. From the minute they were a prospective buyer until they became a loyal customer. Their experience with an enquiry, their experience with sales, and their experience with social media marketing. Everything. Imagine if that was all in one place, across every accessible via every department of your company.

    The result? Your content generators can go to town on content creation. With this system, you can narrow down your personas into segmented niches. With a system that automatically divides your customers into niche categories, you can start targeting their actual needs with quality content that they’re actually interested in. Generating customised content is a fundamental aspect of building a good, lasting customer relationship. Would they really read a generalised marketing email that is selling them something they don’t need?

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  2. An integral system improves department communications
    Cross-communication is automatic, and information is widely accessible with HubSpot CRM. This is especially important in the remote working world! No more last-minute phone calls, frantically written emails, or sharpie scribbled post-it reminders. No need to wait to extract information when the information is all there for you, on a virtual plate! The better the communication within the organisation, the better the customer experience, and the more likely they are to return to you.

  3. A foolproof system that future employees can easily learn
    The easy use of this system means that your new hires can easily learn how it works, avoiding the classic information overload. Got a member of staff on maternity? Easily cover the role by using a simple system that is easy to understand for all staff. HubSpot is also user friendly across all departments, so when your company grows and new hires are trained, they are able to grip the system with more ease, meaning you’ve got extra hands on deck a lot quicker than you would with multi-platformed customer communication. This not only improves productivity but secures gold standards of communication and efficiency for the future of your company.

  4. Analyses data for you, so you can come up with live solutions in real-time
    The system analyses progress, so you can easily reflect to see what methods of customer communications are working, and which methods can be revised to better meet your targets. Perfect for those monthly strategy meetings and team reflections, so that the process of moving forward does not have to involve gathering and analysing data from twenty different systems at the same time. This ease and simplicity of analysing customer needs can generate solutions with a click of your fingers, so your company can keep up to date with the ever-changing world of relationship management and find live solutions.

  5. Frees up more time for unique content creation
    There are lots of things that the virtual world can do for us. But we still need human beings for content creation. So when you’ve got a system that you can easily generate marketing strategies from, you’re freeing up lots of time for your employees to spend on generating more varieties of unique content which are tailored to your customer groups.

    With more time, your marketing teams can generate and distribute tweaked content that might slightly vary, depending on the specific personas. All based on the shared database which your CRM has so kindly compartmentalised for you.

    And once you start offering actual solutions to your customer’s actual problems in well-thought, creative ways – you’ve hit the growth jackpot.

Let the system do the groundwork

CRM systems are really on your side here, as they are built on the recognition that building customer relationships are crucial for growth. And once you can build a good, solid relationship with your customers – the numbers will speak for themselves. If you like the sound of this, check out how we can help use HubSpot and what it can do for your company, and how it can make your life easier! 

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