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Behind The Madness : Episode 2

Behind The Madness is back! Method's self-curated podcast stages an exploration of the business of improvement, targeted at a broad range of industries.

Hosted by Method's CEO and founder James, episode two of the series discusses and recommends the current strategies and tools available to businesses working remotely to help boost productivity and streamline day to day objectives.

Timekeeping and staff communications have both been keenly debated topics since COVID-19’s social distancing restrictions were implemented over twelve weeks ago, and the software and policies related to these two areas have developed significantly. Cohesive teamwork is built on trust and clarity and good practise in this area can be best achieved if the correct channels of communication and platforms for content curation are available to workers.


Coordinating the daily work involved with Method's design and consultancy projects, James has been a long term enthusiast for remote working since day dot. His experiences trialling the latest and greatest apps and software have successfully placed him front and centre of his game, consulting as a growth expert. Obsessed with the art of refining and improving creative processes and team efficiency, James champions four essential tools to enable his team to work better, independently.

At Method, timesheets, global emails and long drawn out Zoom conferences are replaced with the awesome CRM platform Hubspot and work chat app Slack amongst other apps.

Interested to find out what keeps us so current and our clients keen?

Click play and dive into a podcast designed to improve your group chat, task orientation and virtual office life. Please like, listen, share and review; Your feedback helps us grow together.

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