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Harness the value of a CRM

Customer satisfaction is the most important component in the success of any company. Understanding, acknowledging and rewarding the key drivers which generate sales to potential and existing customers helps to maximise business revenue. Establishing intelligent and time-efficient strategies to analyse the spending habits and profiles of your customers will help enhance the brands integrity. On-demand CRM software offers solutions and opportunities for every kind of company.

The art of good business is truly a science. Implementing effective CRM technology will stimulate better customer relationships, building a bond which will inspire a connection between clients and brand, encouraging trust and loyalty. By investigating the needs of it's clients, a business can anticipate how it will respond to these needs and how 'trends' will develop. Trend analysis is facilitated by correlating quantitative and qualitative data.

So many aspects of a business require careful consideration, from geographical distribution of customers, to their age, income and background of its customer base. The more that is understood about customer profiles, the more ambitious a brand can be about strategising it's progression, evolution and expansion. When staff are involved in rolling out this strategy, this, in turn, can lead to greater employee satisfaction. With staff in full control of the customer's expectations and demands, a more comprehensive service and product can be devised; This increases confidence, engagement and identification with the business that employs them - allowing staff to feel involved in the evolution of the business.

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A full-featured CRM allows businesses to take control of the sales cycle, helping to increase productivity and therefore profitability and client/employee satisfaction. The capture of data and its transformation into information enables better organisation and ambition. CRM encourages the improved evaluation of sale cycles and forecasts. While at first this can be time consuming and hard work, by ensuring that retrievable and well thought out CRM processes are engaged with, a more efficient system can be established resulting in a better understanding of the customer base.

From better organisation to becoming a catalyst for business expansion, connecting employees with customers and discovering the potential of your business from tracked data, CRM software is a quick and smart way to streamline your business, helping it to achieve success.

So which CRM is right for your business? Factors to be included in your evaluation should include business size, integration with third-party apps, existing in house software and technology, customer support requirements and price points.

Method Designs favourite CRM systems for UK businesses:

  1. HubSpot : Best all round all in one marketing platform. From £free
  2. Salesforce: Best for Medium-large sized companies. £20/per user/per month
  3. Zoho: Best for Small-medium sized companies. £10/per user/per month
  4. Copper: Best CRM Small-medium sized businesses. £15/per user/per month
  5. Maximizer: Best for small companies. £30/per user/per month
  6. Sage: Best for small-medium sized companies. £30/per user/per month

But let’s be honest, we are biased here, we use and love HubSpot, and not only that, we are a HubSpot Gold partner.

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