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HubSpot release new CMS package to challenge WordPress

Today marks a monumental day in tech history. HubSpot, Method's favourite SAAS based software company for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service, proudly unveil a new plan for their trailblazing CMS Hub.

The ideal content management tool for burgeoning businesses aspiring to drive traffic to their website, to essentially engage users and make sales, HubSpot's pioneering new CMS platform is a game-changing asset in the world of marketing and software design. Identifying a gap in the market, HubSpot has masterminded a seamless, secure and reliable CMS geared around promoting a superior customer experience through a brands digital presence. Allowing businesses to focus on the creative detail of marketing and design, HubSpot's brand new CMS Hub Starter soothes the growing pains associated with traditional CMS maintenance, simplifying and standardising security features such as firewalls, global CDL and SSL certification, all at a lower cost than before making it a simple choice to when comparing against the likes of WordPress.

With WordPress occupying more than its fair share of market space since the noughties, it's time for a new innovator to take centre stage. HubSpot has refined web page building tools, facilitating fast and easy uploading of content, focusing on high specifications and aesthetics. In addition, developers have devised and designed tools to allow the addition of new capabilities and functionality. Providing flexible themes for marketers to play around with, tools, technologies, and workflows personalise websites, offering up new opportunities for brand managers to refresh their look and website functionality. With so much more ownership taken by HubSpot's CMS, other employees are freed up to work on projects that offer more job satisfaction than lower-impact projects dictated by two-dimensional sites such a WordPress. HubSpot aspires to allow information to move more organically, so team members can respond quickly to customer contacts, offering solutions promptly as questions are raised.

Need any more reasons to get involved with this exciting new software space?

HubSpot's all-in-one platform spotlights your website as a brand's most important asset. If your blog or website is not functioning or looking as impeccably good as possible, then you might as well be invisible online. Try out Hubspot's CMS Hub and watch the growth of your product or service blossom exponentially.

Advanced analytic tools help users gain insight into what content proves to be popular with your audience, essentially leveraging customer data to inform your web strategy. From drag and drop page editing, multi-language content management to unlimited blog posts per blog page, HubSpot's vision for your website is more progressive than any other competitor on the market.

Why not find out what the fuss is all about? Get Method to import your blog now so you can experience these newly featured expansive and rewarding results at a price point that rivals WordPress!

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