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Use buyer personas to target your marketing more effectively

Here at Method HQ, we appreciate the impact that buyer personas can have on earning potential, content creation, and product development.

Refining and applying an effective buyer persona is a strategy all too frequently undervalued and overlooked by underdeveloped brands and businesses. Conceptualising a fictional client, complete with quantitative and qualitative detail representative of your target audience, can allow buying behaviour to be understood and predicted.

Overlooking this key marketing asset may limit growth and runs the risk of undervaluing existing customers. We believe that understanding buyer persona and exploiting its potential is essential to the success of our business and consequently we adopted it as a key focus of our content from 2021. From our popular in house podcast series 'Behind The Madness' to our blog posts, we have helped inform our audiences about the most productive ways of defining an effective buyer persona strategy; As demand for our content increased and in sync with our growth expertise, we have decided to bring together and make available to you current literature relating to buyer personas in a cohesive way.


From exclusionary personas, the representation of a customer a brand does not want to attract, to planning for and conceptualising your optimal buyer persona, our thirteen page PDF is an essential guide to growing your consumer base.

Whether you are experienced in marketing and looking to refresh your knowledge or aiming to develop a start-up, this easy to read manual condenses and presents need to know nuggets of expertise, to help you to streamline your communication with audiences succinctly and effectively. Incorporating a workbook relating to new skills you may wish to acquire, along with the opportunity to make contact with us over at Method HQ for support, we want this learning opportunity to be the key component to your success in the coming business year.

Download Buyer Persona Guide