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Behind the Madness asks: Can HubSpot's new CMS Hub Starter challenge WordPress?

HubSpot have just released a new product that will change the way your website could work.

In the latest episode of Behind the Madness, James talks about the new CMS Hub Starter package is set to challenge WordPress and also allows you to personalise your site to your contacts. At a price point that will make WordPress shudder HubSpot CMS Hub Starter lets you have up to 15 web pages and make them super personal to the user.

Welcoming the visitor onto a landing with their name is sure to get their attention and you can direct users dependant on their place in the lifecycle stage, whether a prospect, subscriber, customer or evangelist they will appreciate the customisation.

Separating content to specifically aim it at the user, as a customer has already bought from you, let them see the next stage, upsell or cross-sell, they don't need the sales blurb again like a new visitor will need. This also allows the user to see that their needs are being met and really that's really what we want.

Pro and enterprise priced packages were prohibitive for some, the new starter package gives access to all to help build their sites.

It seamlessly works with the HubSpot ecosystem making the integration easy.

Read a little more about the launch here. 

As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, we are more than happy to guide you through this new product with a demo.


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